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Our manufacturing services FAQ


What do your manufacturing services include?

The services at LADENIMTEX provide a wide array of manufacturing service options.  Design and sample making lead times vary on how complicated the designs are.  Please submit spec packs or original samples for the best quote on pricing.  The average design lead time takes about 2 weeks to develop and to receive the prototype.  If you need help with design, we have a list of some highly recommended designers that have worked with us over the years.

LADENIMTEX Cutting and Finishing


How long does it take to receive the production?

Production time with our Mexico suppliers can vary.  The production services that LADENIMTEX provides includes fabric, trim, factory, dye house, and wash house booking.  All of these steps may take 4-8 weeks based on availability.  We treat all of our customers as valued partnerships.

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What if I need my shipment earlier?

Delivery from Mexico is 5-7 days via cargo or expedited in 1-2 days via air.  LADENIMTEX works with recognized and reliable cargo expeditors to ensure on time deliveries.  We’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re a satisfied customer, too!

Email us for any further questions.

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